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Category: Sleep Apnea

Suspect You Have Sleep Apnea? Ask Yourself These Questions

Written by New Jersey Snoring Solutions on Mon 12/25/2023
Sleep Apnea in West Orange

Because of the nature of the disorder, sleep apnea is not always easy to observe in yourself. Many of the symptoms associated with the condition occur during sleep, and others could be simply overlooked. However, sleep apnea is a serious disorder that needs to be treated before it leads to other health concerns. Patients who…

The Dangers of Leaving Sleep Apnea Untreated

Written by New Jersey Snoring Solutions on Sat 11/25/2023
Sleep Apnea treatment options in West Orange

When it comes to maintaining your health, you are probably familiar with the idea that diet, exercise, and healthy lifestyle factors are key. However, the quality of your sleep has a lot to do with your health, including healthy cardiovascular function. When your sleep is being impacted by sleep apnea, it can leave you with…

When Should You Seek Help for Your Sleep Problems?

Written by New Jersey Snoring Solutions on Thu 10/26/2023
Sleep Apnea treatments in West orange

It happens: you start having difficulty sleeping, or you may be wondering why you feel tired during the day even after a full night of sleep. Your snoring could be getting worse, or you may even be experiencing other problems you suspect are related to the quality of your sleep. These issues may be associated…

Sleep Apnea and Heart Heath: Understanding the Connection

Written by New Jersey Snoring Solutions on Tue 09/26/2023
Sleep Apnea Treatment West Orange New Jersey

While sleep apnea is often associated with disruptive symptoms, such as snoring, depression, and trouble concentrating in the daytime, did you know that this condition is also linked to other serious health issues? Untreated sleep apnea can increase the risk of serious conditions related to the heart; therefore, it is important to understand the connection…

How Can I Get Better Sleep with Sleep Apnea?

Written by New Jersey Snoring Solutions on Fri 07/28/2023
Sleep Apnea treatment West Orange New Jersey

A good night’s sleep can restore your mental and physical health, but a restful slumber often evades many patients with sleep apnea. This sleep-related breathing disorder causes repeated breathing interruptions during the night, which can leave you feeling groggy the next morning. The experts at New Jersey Sleep Apnea Solutions are skilled at helping you…

Sleep Apnea May Be Hurting Your Sex Life!

Written by New Jersey Snoring Solutions on Fri 06/23/2023
Sleep Apnea & sex life West Orange

Sleep apnea disrupts the patient’s sleep, may lead to other health conditions, and can impact your day. It can also have a major impact on your relationships and sex life. A healthy sex life is a hallmark of many people’s quality of life and can positively impact well-being. Here, Dr. Ivan and Dr. Allan Stein…

Strokes and Sleep Apnea: Understanding Your Risk

Written by New Jersey Snoring Solutions on Mon 04/24/2023
Sleep Apnea & strokes West Orange

Sleep apnea is a common sleep disorder that can lead to low oxygen levels and diminished sleep quality. There are many well-known symptoms associated with sleep apnea, such as snoring, but did you know this disorder is linked to other serious health conditions? One of these conditions is stroke. Below, Dr. Ivan Stein and Dr….

Is Sleep Apnea Jeopardizing Your Health?

Written by New Jersey Snoring Solutions on Sun 12/25/2022
Sleep Apnea Solutions in New Jersey

Obstructive sleep apnea is the most common type of sleep apnea. It occurs when the throat muscles relax and limit air passage during sleep. This can interfere with quality sleep and cause low oxygen levels. Many people think of sleep apnea as an annoyance because of its main symptom: snoring. However, sleep apnea can have…

Why Patients with Sleep Apnea Should Continue Protecting Against COVID-19

Written by New Jersey Snoring Solutions on Mon 09/26/2022
sleep apnea covid protection

While precautions against COVID-19 have diminished significantly since the virus’ arrival in the United States, there is no doubt that the coronavirus continues to spread amongst the population. As more and more people return to the office, ditch their masks and resume travel, you may be making your own decisions about what feels right for…

How Snoring Can Affect Your Marriage

Written by New Jersey Snoring Solutions on Thu 06/23/2022
Snoring Treatment, New Jersey

Obstructive sleep apnea, the most common type of sleep apnea, is a result of the throat muscles relaxing to the point of limiting air passage during sleep. One classic symptom of obstructive sleep apnea is snoring (sometimes very loudly). Because the airway is partially blocked, incoming air audibly rattles the upper airway tissues as it…