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When Should You Seek Help for Your Sleep Problems?

Submitted by New Jersey Snoring Solutions on Thu 10/26/2023 - 09:00
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It happens: you start having difficulty sleeping, or you may be wondering why you feel tired during the day even after a full night of sleep. Your snoring could be getting worse, or you may even be experiencing other problems you suspect are related to the quality of your sleep. These issues may be associated with sleep apnea, which is a serious sleep disorder that is accompanied by many unpleasant symptoms. It can also lead to serious health issues if left untreated. When this occurs, you should seek treatment from qualified professionals, such as Dr. Ivan Stein and Dr. Allan Stein of New Jersey Sleep Apnea Solutions. They can provide clarity and recommend effective treatment options to help you rest better.

Sleep Apnea Warning Signs

Excessive sleepiness during the day: Sleep apnea can repeatedly disrupt sleep, leaving sleep apnea sufferers with an inadequate amount of sleep. This can naturally lead to drowsiness during the day.

Waking suddenly during the night: Sleep apnea can cause you to stop breathing for as long as 20 seconds an episode, which occurs throughout the night. If you find yourself jolting away, especially if you are often gasping for air, you may have the condition.

Changes in mood: A lack of restorative sleep can lead to frequent mood changes, such as depression or the propensity to become upset very easily. Not getting enough rest can also impact your ability to concentrate on certain tasks, which can lead to more frustration and mood issues.

When to Seek Help

Sleep apnea often comes with several warning signs; however, some of them are not easily observed by patients. For example, snoring is a common symptom of this sleep disorder, but many patients do not realize they do it — or that their snoring is getting progressively louder — until a partner or roommate points it out to them. If you have been experiencing sleep apnea symptoms, are told that you are exhibiting signs of sleep apnea, or notice that your sleep-related issues are affecting your daily life and health, it may be time to head in for an appointment, especially if your symptoms have persisted for two or three months.

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