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After being diagnosed with mild to moderate sleep apnea, my sleep disorder physician recommended the New Jersey Sleep Apnea Solutions to see if I was a candidate for using an oral appliance, because I was against using the CPAP mask, which is the normal treatment for sleep apnea.Even before meeting with Dr. Ivan Stein, I was very impressed by the friendly concerned staff. Dr. Stein is an extremely outgoing, caring individual who makes you feel comfortable and treats you with respect . He explains what he is attempting to accomplish and answers any questions that you may have and tries to make you feel relaxed. Ironically, my regular dentist informed me that I was a teeth grinder and that I had made two of my molars very loose and I faced the possibility of losing them. She recommended getting a night guard, but when I mentioned this to Dr. Stein, he actually told me that her suggestion was not a good one and could actually worsen the problem His oral appliance could not only treat my sleep apnea, but stop my teeth grinding.I am happy to say that the results of a recent sleep test showed I had no sleep apnea when wearing the oral appliance. As a bonus, it stopped my teeth grinding and my two loose molars are now tight and have recovered significantly. Another benefit of wearing this oral mouth appliance is that my wife told me that I no longer snore. Thanks to Dr. Stein and his caring staff, I have solved several problems with the help of one oral appliance. I highly recommend the New Jersey Sleep Apnea Solutions and I am seriously considering switching from a dentist I have used for over thirty years to this group.


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