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Submitted by New Jersey Snoring Solutions on Wed 04/06/2011 - 06:35

Studies conclude men snore twice as much as women do and that this is partly due to the fact that women have more estrogen than men. Estrogen stimulates breathing and reduces the action of snoring. Other reasons include the lifestyle differences between sexes, men tend to:

  • Sleep on their backs
  • Consume larger quantities of alcohol
  • Smoke more than women
  • Overeat more
  • Men have thicker tongues and tissues in their neck and throat, reducing breathing space

When individuals are prone to snore, there are certain conditions that can help stop snoring or reduce snoring:

  1. Avoid consuming alcohol before bed. Alcohol helps relax the soft palate, leading to snoring.
  2. Avoid taking sleeping pills and other cold medications that can cause snoring to worsen.
  3. Don’t sleep on your back because it forces the tongue to the back of the mouth, where it can vibrate the uvula or forces it to vibrate, causing snoring.

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