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Men and Snoring

Submitted by New Jersey Snoring Solutions on Fri 04/29/2011 - 08:20

Snoring is noisy breathing that occurs during sleep. Women may snore too, but men snore more than women: four out of every ten men snore compared to roughly three out of ten women. At any given time, around 25 per cent of people are habitual snorers.
Snoring has many potential causes, including obesity, anatomical variations, and several illnesses affecting the upper airways. It results from the vibration of soft tissues of the upper airways and often is associated with obstruction of airflow. Snoring is a problem because it affects everyone in earshot, including the person who is snoring. When it’s a sign of significant airway obstruction, snoring is associated with serious health problems like high blood pressure and heart disease.
Common sense has already pointed you that men snore more than women, but a new research proved it scientifically.
More researchers have coincided that up to 80% of men snore at some time, double the number compared to women, and about 40% of them snore every night. Snoring is more than noise; it can lead to broken marriages and incompatibilities. Those suffering of sleep apnea unconsciously wake up when their throat closes up, saving their lives but this induces sleep impairment translated into daytime somnolence, making the individual fall asleep at work, in front of the TV or even behind the wheel.
Sleep apnea closes the throat completely and stops oxygen-flow to the brain. The normally loud snorer suddenly goes quiet for four or five breaths, when there’s no airflow, then the moves suddenly with a jerk. They don’t know they’ve woken, but the brain has woken them up as a way of saving their life. If they didn’t wake, they’d be dead. But the waking up and the starting arousal result in daytime sleepiness.
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