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Is Oral Appliance Therapy Possible If I Wear Dentures?

Submitted by New Jersey Snoring Solutions on Sun 09/20/2020 - 09:00
Oral Appliance Therapy in New Jersey

If you currently use a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine for obstructive sleep apnea, the thought of oral appliance therapy may be highly appealing. Instead of wearing the bulky mask over your nose and mouth at night, you can manage sleep apnea with the help of a custom-fitted oral appliance that is no bigger or heavier than a sports mouth guard.

However, like sports mouth guards, oral appliances for sleep apnea fit over natural teeth to stay in place. If you wear dentures, you may wonder whether you can still enjoy the benefits of oral appliance therapy. Read on for the answer from Dr. Ivan Stein of New Jersey Sleep Apnea Solutions.

Oral Appliances Need Anchors

Instead of continually pumping oxygen down the throat to keep it open, oral appliances hold the jaw in a forward position and/or keep the tongue in place to maintain an unobstructed airway. The appliances are similar in shape and size to a mouth guard that you would wear for protection while playing sports or at night to protect teeth from grinding or clenching.

Just like night guards or sports guards, oral appliances for sleep apnea need something to grip onto in your mouth. If you have complete dentures to replace all of the teeth in your mouth, the dentures cannot adequately hold an oral appliance in place. If you have partial dentures to replace only some of the teeth in your mouth, the remaining teeth may not be strong enough to withstand the pressure of an oral appliance.

A Secure Solution

For advice and guidance about your particular circumstances, it is best to consult with a dentist like Dr. Stein at New Jersey Sleep Apnea Solutions. Upon evaluation, he may determine that your remaining teeth are, in fact, strong enough to hold an oral appliance in place. Or, if you have complete dentures, he can talk to you about securing your dentures to dental implants. Implants are posts or screws designed to imitate natural tooth roots. They are surgically placed in the jawbone beneath missing teeth and become part of the bone’s anatomy. Complete dentures clip to the tops of the implant posts for enhanced stability and security; the combination of dentures and implants is a great option to anchor an oral appliance for sleep apnea. While getting fitted for an oral appliance with dentures may require a few extra steps, the results are well worth it!

No matter what your specific needs, Dr. Stein and the team at New Jersey Sleep Apnea Solutions are here to help you get the relief you desire. Dr. Stein would be happy to consult with you to discuss your options and put you on the path to success with an oral appliance. Call or email us today to request an appointment.