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Can Snoring Affect Your Marriage?

Submitted by New Jersey Snoring Solutions on Tue 07/19/2011 - 08:54

Snoring is a most common problem plaguing the world. Studies show that almost 46% of the male and 30% of the female populace in the world snore on a regular basis. The question remains as to how snoring can affect your marriage. Well it most certainly can. But before diving into that topic, let us first know what is snoring.

Snoring basically is the resulting sound emanated due to the vibrations in the respiratory structures, when air movement through them gets obstructed during sleeping. It is caused due to:

  • Weak throat, which narrows in the back
  • Fat accumulation around the neck
  • Nasal obstruction
  • Consumption of alcohol and other throat relaxants

These were normal causes of snoring. The more important topic is the impacts of snoring on an individual’s relationship.

Snoring can affect your marriage or relationship in the following manner:

  • It is normally associated (but not limited) to people who are overweight or gaining weight at a fast rate. This might subconsciously inject a sense of unattractiveness towards you in your partner.
  • Snoring causes the snorer to go through incomplete sleeping cycles, meaning less oxygen consumption. This might lead to health issues, affecting your appearance.
  • Snoring disorders lead to serious sleep deprivation. Even if the snorer doesn’t realize it, his/her partner may be disturbed due to the irritating sound. Often couples end up sleeping in different rooms because of this. It may lead to agitation, the primary cause of most household arguments.
  • The sleep deprivation caused further may lead to lack of focus, drowsiness in the waking hours and even decreased libido.

All the above factors taken into consideration show clearly that how snoring can affect your marriage. But snoring can be cured through various ways.

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