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5 Unexpected Ways a Good Night’s Sleep Can Improve Your Day

Submitted by New Jersey Snoring Solutions on Mon 08/11/2014 - 15:46

Most people recognize the importance of sleeping well each night. For adults, this means clocking seven to eight hours of restful sleep every night. However, do you know how sleeping well each night can improve your day? Here are five unexpected ways a good night’s sleep can improve your day.

#1: Improve Memory

During a restful night’s sleep, the mind engages in a process called “consolidation,” which involves strengthening memories or “practicing” skills that you learned while you were awake. If you are trying to learn a new skill, such as learning a new language, make sure you get plenty of sleep.

#2: Enhance Creativity

Aside from strengthening memories while you sleep, it seems that the brain also reorganizes them. Restructuring memories may enhance your creativity, because your brain is able to approach tasks, projects and problems from a new perspective.

#3: Minimize Inflammation

Inflammation has been linked to many health conditions, from premature aging to heart disease and stroke. In addition, studies have shown that individuals who get fewer than six hours of sleep a night have higher levels of inflammatory proteins present in their blood stream than those who sleep longer than that each night. Fortunately, sleeping well each night can help fight inflammation.

#4: Maintain a Healthy Bodyweight and Body-Fat Percentage

Did you know that the same parts of the brain that control sleep also control metabolism? When you feel sleepy, you experience higher levels of certain hormones, including the ones that stimulate your appetite. Also, researchers at the University of Chicago reported that individuals who were dieting and well rested lost more fat than individuals who were dieting and sleep deprived. Even though both groups lost similar amounts of weight overall, the latter group lost more muscle mass.

#5: Avoid Car Accidents

When you are sleepy, you have a slower reaction time. Therefore, it is not surprising that having just one poor night’s sleep can be as dangerous as having an alcoholic drink before driving.

If You Are Ready for a Good Night’s Sleep

If your sleep apnea is affecting your ability to get a good night’s rest, don’t hesitate to contact us. We offer several treatment options for sleep apnea so you can get some quality shuteye. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Stein or his trusted staff, contact New Jersey Sleep Apnea Solutions by calling (855) 949-7667.