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New Jersey Sleep Apnea Solutions

Snoring is often a sign of partial upper airway obstruction during sleep. Snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) are caused by abnormal airway blockage at the base of tongue and soft palate and can alter breathing. Dental appliances or dental devices can prevent snoring and OSA by modifying the position of the upper airway anatomy so as to enlarge and/or reduce collapsibility of the airway. There are three basic types of dental appliances or dental devices:

Soft palate lifting – the prosthesis lifts and/or stabilizes the soft palate, preventing vibration during sleep.

Tongue retention – tongue-retaining devices hold the tongue forward, away from the posterior throat wall, opening up the airway. This dental appliance simultaneously modifies the position of the mandible.

Mandibular repositioning – these appliances (MRAs) hold the mandible in an front and below position, which, as a consequence of muscle attachment, indirectly brings the tongue forward, opening up the posterior airway.

Because each patient’s anatomy is different, New Jersey Sleep Apnea Solutions has the right dental appliance to help you, call today for a free consultation at 855.WHY.SNORE or 855.949.7667.

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